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Your are a member of a European or international institution in need of a certified or classic translation. You want to translate a defence, a response, a reply, observations, a request, an appeal, a decision…

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Legal translation expertise associated with the complete knowledge and understanding of your drafting instructions and internal implementation and validation processes

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Entrusting a translator with a document is a sensitive procedure based on a trust relationship. Key facts about the professional who will take care of your project:

I have been a translator since 2002 and translate exclusively from English and German into French. Recognised by the French judiciary, I am “expert” with the Metz Court of Appeals. I specialise in legal translation, hold a Master’s degree in that field and am trained in French and European law. 
I am a member of the Société Française des Traducteurs, thereby complying with its Code of Ethics, as well as of the Compagnie des Experts de Justice with the Court of Appeal of Metz.

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Standing by close to 300 clients in the world with

+ 500 certified translations
+ 3,000 classic translations

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